4 tips to help you save energy in the summer

Summer may seem like the season of the outdoors, but it’s also the time of the year when we consume the most energy indoors. Think about it: fans and A/C units are constantly abuzz; late nights outside mean more outdoor lights on; and in general, we’re just doing more, which can equal higher energy bills at […]

How can insulation lower my heating costs?

Insulation can help reduce heating costs by 50-70% depending on a few factors. While this is not always 100% true, savings can still start at about 30% and work upward from there. While 70% is not out of reach, it can be a heavy initial investment that many people may not necessarily want to front […]

When to consider new insulation

As the saying goes “out of sight, out of mind”, it is no exception when it comes to household insulation. Many individuals don’t give insulation a second thought after building or purchasing a home as it is something that hardly ever comes into eyesight. Despite insulation being one of the most regularly neglected, it is […]

Lack of attic insulation results in ice dams

With winter reaching freezing temperatures throughout New England, we’ll start to see ice, snow and the typical consistent winter weather before we know it. With the cold comes a whole range of new issues on homes, with one being ice dams. We see them all over the place, every single year and they can cause […]

Keeping your cool: How your home loses chilled air

When the temperature goes up outside in the warmer months, you turn on the air conditioning to keep the temperature as cool and comfortable as possible inside. But certain aspects of your home’s construction and design could be making it almost impossible to keep cool air in. These faults and flaws can result in your […]

Why is home insulation necessary in the summertime?

Anyone who lives in a region that gets really cold during the winter understands why home insulation is critical. Without it, homes can feel freezing cold, resulting in extremely high heating bills and other hardships, such as frozen pipes. What you may not understand, however, is why insulation still matters in the summer or in […]